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This is Ting, currently doing Swift at Esri. Was a grad student at Duke and undergrad at BUPT.

MS in ECE (DSP -> iOS 😝). Undergrad in Applied Physics - Pilot Class of Communication Sciences. Proudly spent 6 years at HSACNU.

This page aimed to exhibit the activities & achievements during my undergrad, but it gradually turned into a sanctuarized lockbox for retrospection and ridicule. Meanwhile, other aspects such as lifestyle, readings, travel notes, video clipping, etc. would interweave in the narration.

For more information, you may want to read this page. Leave a Disqus comment below if you'd like to.


Experiments & Simulations - 89%
Language Learning - 83%
Coding - 79%
Acting - 73%
Writing - 71%
Photography - 71%
Awkward Chatting 210606 - 1%

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