考古系 - 2014.8 APSA Program

考古系 - 2014.8 APSA Program



In summer vacation of 2014, I, together with my friends, joined a volunteer program called APSA(Americans Promoting Study Abroad). In the program, we two males staged as daily photographer and tour guide for the American pupils. Our female companion served as Chinese and Chinese culture tutors, guiding them to have a better knowledge of what they’ve learned in class and share the real trends about Chinese culture.


amity between us

study tour

During our visit to the Summer Palace, we told them the history of Eight-Nation Alliance who invaded in China, which caused the demolition of the Old Summer Palace. Huge casualty and enormous loss of the ancient Chinese treasures was made by the Alliance Army. After learning this part of history, they really had a brand new comprehension of this place.


Meanwhile, we volunteers definitely had some enjoyable time with them. We hold several activities such as making dumplings, playing Chinese tongue twisters, playing Majong, telling them how to use VPN, etc. Urged to check their own twitters and facebook pages, the were ‘dominated’ by the possessor of VPN ;-).


party time!

Finally, the program came to its end.



me my friend and the program leader

For more details please check the video above.

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